Friday, November 18, 2011

The tempo has slowed somewhat

This past week has been more relaxed, well after Wednesday it has been anyway.  The first part of the week was filled with stress of deciding between houses, but we finally came a decision on that on Tuesday.  I had no idea how stressful the whole process of home buying could be, but it's HUGE.

Wednesday morning I drove to Columbia for the first time (about an hour away) because I got a call on Monday asking me if I'd be interested in working for an insurance company.  I had no idea and didn't want to turn down a potential opportunity without hearing them out so I accepted.  I drove an hour to the office, in my business attire as requested.  I was directed to a conference room with 8 or 9 other people and was immediately on guard about the whole thing.  It turned out to be an informational meeting to tell us how glorious a job as a sales agent for Banker's Life and Casualty company could be.  I am sure that for some people it is glorious, but going into homes of senior citizens whom I do not know to "educate" them about life insurance and medicaid just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea.  So I drove an hour back home.  They said that they would review our resumes and call back people who they were interested in to return for a more formal interview later in the week.  The good news is, I did get a call back, which is nice of them and shows that I have a good resume, but I respectfully declined.

Chris was out at the squadron acclimating to the new office and people for a few days this week and he starts officially on Monday.  I have been sitting here reading job listings and applying for things that seem even moderately interesting.  I had to apply for unemployment today, I know that I have paid my taxes and it is something that I am entitled to, but it just feels kind of demoralizing.  But hey, if California pays me for merely searching for a job for a little while, I guess I can live with it.

William is bored, I try to get him jumping and active by flinging "Da Berd" toy for him, but he mostly lays on the bed or under it.  He's fine, but just looks unimpressed with the whole hotel thing.  Unfortunately he has at least a month of it to go before we close on the house.  So do the rest of us...


  1. That's a really beautiful home. I am in love with the kitchen. Good luck on the financing and moving.


  2. Thanks Tara, its a bummer we never met up again, but it just never worked out because I was doing school work whenever I was TDY to LA.. I love all of the cupboard space in the kitchen and the. Back splash tile is really pretty. We're excited to move in at the beginning of the year.