Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 and 9

Sorry, I didn't feel like posting yesterday so this is a recap of the past two days. 
Yesterday was Monday, we started the day in Yukon, OK after an early cat wake up and had a dull drive through OK and part of Arkansas.  We ended the day in Little Rock.  Our hotel was right next to Hooters, so of course that was what was for dinner.  William slept the whole night for the most part, but I kept waking up every time the AC unit would cycle on and off.  Those things really just need a fan setting that stays on all the time.
Today was a long day that involved two major cities.
Heading out of Little Rock was easy, the drive through the rest of AK was pleasant, lots of nice foliage with the trees changing colors.  We hadn't seen actual autumn for at least 3 years, although Colorado doesn't have much in the way of foliage either, so it has been a long time since we have seen the fall colors.  It was a nice change.
Memphis was where we encountered our first real hang up of the trip.  The 2 Way radios stopped working about the time we got to the interchange from I-40 and I-22 and the GPS decided to direct us through some crazy route.  We pulled over and figured out where the heck we were going after a few minutes and also changed the radio batteries.  We figured out that we were actually right on course and were headed in the right direction.  Somehow I didn't realize that we would be going through Mississippi on this trip, I guess I forgot about that state, but we were in it for the majority of the day today.  Mississippi eventually ended and we started into Alabama.  Birmingham was the next challenge, to go from I-78/I-22 over to I-20.  It was dark and unfamilier and the connection involved a fairly lengthy stretch of highway that was littered with stop lights.  The whole time I tried to stay right on the tail of the trailer, I did not want to get stuck at a light while Chris kept going.  We stayed together the whole time, phew!  Then finally got to the exit to go to I-20, I was relieved to get back on the interstate, but of course there were still some lane changes and merging and what not before we really got going in the right direction toward Atlanta. 
After a tense bit of traveling we finally got to Leeds, where our stop for the night was planned and made it to the Days Inn.  My legs were like noodles when I got out of the truck, from being all tensed up for the past 45 minutes or so.
Tomorrow is finally the last day of this arduous cross country journey, it'll be a long one, but the end will be the goal. Well, the temporary goal anyway, we'll be in the right city, but then the house hunting begins.  Atlanta should be the most major challenge tomorrow, but we are staying on the same highway right through the city, so it should go smoother than Memphis or Birmingham.
I can hardly wait to get to Sumter, so I can finally see this new place.  It has been a long time since we have moved somewhere that we haven't ever been to.  Well, Chris did spend a few weeks there last year for training, but I've never been there at all.

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