Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 4

We had a stressful start to the morning, scrambling to get the rest of the house loaded into the truck before turning in the keys at 0900. We got it all done, and loaded William into the carrier after giving him a benedryl tablet. The benedryl was totally useless, and possibly made him angrier.
We got on the road at about 1230 after a final lunch at Chris' favorite burrito place. There was insane yowling coming from the cage behind me for about 3 hours. Around Santa Clarita he fell silent. It was rather alarming how quiet he was and I kinda started worrying about him. Anout a half hr later, he started meowing again, then I wished he'd go back to sleep. LOL, make up my mind right!
We stopped in Victorville and took him out on his harness, he was freaked out by the wind and the truck noise on the nearby highway. He jumped back in the truck on his own and willingly got back in the carrier.
After leaving Victorville we made the long haul to Needles, CA. I thought the Mojave desert in the day time was boring, its not much better in the dark. We managed to get behind a big rig going our speed and fell in behind him for most of the way.
Since the U-haul can only only go about 55, due to the trailer, it makes the going a bit slower than normal.
We rolled into Needles at nearly 10pm, got in the hotel and freed the beast in the room. He's a happy cat now. He ate a good dinner, drank a bunch of water, and went potty a few times, now he's laying on the bed. Until tomorrow, when we do it all again, and again, and again x 6.

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  1. I hope today's travels were better than yesterday's. Thinking of you.