Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 1

Today started at about 0930 with a trip to Santa Maria to pick up the U-Haul.  We called them at about 0945 to say that we wouldn't be getting the truck at 0900 as planned, but we were on our way.  The guy who answered, said "ok, thanks for letting us know".
First we went to Starbucks for some coffee and a Chai Latte for me.  Next stop was Home Depot to grab a tarp to cover some stuff in the back of the truck.  While standing in the tarp aisle the phone rings,  "Yes this is the U-Haul place, are you still planning to pick up the truck today? Me -"Yes, we called already to say we were going to be a little late."  Them - "oh sorry, someone else answered the phone and didn't tell me."  Such efficient communication they have there apparently.
Then on to Costco for some oil to change it in the truck before we leave.

We finally make it to the U-Haul place and get the truck and trailer:

This will be my view for the next week: (envision a white Mazda 3 on the back of the trailer)

We got home with the truck only to realize that the U-Haul lady forgot to give us our paperwork to take with us. So I had to go alllll the way back to Santa Maria while Chris went to commander's call.  I took William with me, for a long practice ride.  The first half went well, he was actually fairly quite, but on the way back he went in to psycho mode and was making all kinds of unpleasant noises. 
We spent most of the evening packing and putting everything that is going on the U-Haul in a pile in the middle.  Tomorrow morning, all of this will be loaded, before the packers come to box up everything else.
Today wasn't all serious though.  This little contraption found its way into our shopping cart at Costco:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stay tuned

Operation relocation begns for the Snapp family tomorrow. This should be interesting.